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Scadenze 6.0

Stop with forgotten birthdays!
With this program you can insert events and let your computer remember you when the event occurs, many days before (so you
have the time to buy a gift...).

Scadenze copyright
Scadenze is copyright protected (C) 1996-2999, by Romano Signorelli.

All rights reserved.

Scadenze is under Italian and European copyrights laws (art. 2575..2583
C.C. and D.L. n.518 12/29/1992).

The program (Scadenze) is provided "as is". The author will not get any
responsability if it will not work at all, or it will make any damage

In no cases the author will be responsible of eventually made damages,
direct or indirect, of any nature, provocated by distribution, execution
or by use of the program.
This program is been written with great care but it's not possible to
grant it error free.

Are forbidden: decompilation, modification, translation of the program
or in any part.
It's not possible to modify any single bit or exclude any file from the
ditributed package.
It's not possible to include Scadenze in other packages.

It's forbidden to ask money for Scadenze.
It's forbidden to ask money for copying or distributing Scadenze.

If you want to test Scadenze functionality, or distribute it on CD or
specialized newspapers, please use the LIGHT version.
Download Scadenze light at the following address:

Light version is free but if you want to insert a review in a newspaper
or provide a copy on your CD, please let me know, so I'll activate
a link to your site on my site and spread the voice by the Scadenze
mailing list.

Romano Signorelli
BlueSky software: Copyright 2005 by Romano Signorelli

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