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I can provide the following services:

Internet site creation and management
I realize Internet sites, simple or complex, with static and/or dynamic contents.
Your Internet site could have one of these structures:

  • Classic structure, with home page and access menu for the content
  • Photoalbum structure, with pictures predominant on the content
  • Portal structure, with news on home page, categories and articles index

Different structures could be used at the same time.

For each solution the following modules are available:

  • Announce mailing list or discussion lists open to your customers
  • Advertising banner, with static or dynamic contents
  • Forums for online discussions
  • Articles and news managed by you without any supporto or HTML knowledge
  • Fotogallery with your photos, managed directly by you
  • Customizable access menus
  • General purpose dynamic modules, like: meteo, news, etc.
  • Emails contacts, with forward, autoreply, pop3, mailing list

Contact me and I'll send you some links to my Internet done works.

Software "on demand" realization
I can realize computer programs for every needs (exception: industry automation software. I can realize it exclusively for the factory I work daily).
I'm a programmer since 1987 and I've made hundreds of general purpose programs.
Some of them cover the following arguments:

  • Industrial automation programs, PLC, front-end, HMI, firmware, IDE, etc.
  • Every day utility programs (e.g.: Scadenze)
  • Bank accounts management programs
  • Village festival management programs (cash, orders, kitchen, etc.)
  • System utility (compression, cryptografy, privacy, backup)
Computer consulting
Take advantage of my experience. I can provide you my consulting to:

  • Decide the correct device purchase
  • Realize home and office networks
  • System configuration and optimization
  • Find the right commercial software solution for your needs
  • Find open source solutions for you, install and configure it, explain it to you
  • Make computer courses for the programs you want to use
  • Study any computer tool you need, then help you to use it in the best way
  • And, finally, realize dedicated programs
Audio/video editing
I can capture, convert and edit video of (nearly) any kind. I can do for you:

  • Capture and edit your holiday video
  • Put your photos on DVD to see them on TV with music background and video effects
  • Edit complex video like marriage video, with soundtracks and beautiful effects
  • Assemble DVD menu with chapters and sections
  • Convert and modify LP, CD, DVD audio
Multimedia presentations
Amaze your customers giving away multimedia CD with your product description!
In the CD presentation you can insert:

  • Thematic navigation menus
  • Text and hypertextual contents with descriptions and photos
  • Videos in little boxes or full screen with your products in action
  • Your Internet site on CD, to browse without Internet connection
English, French, Deutch, Italian translations
We can translate various documents and Internet sites.

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