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Keep in touch with who have realized your preferred programs, signup to a mailing list!
Yuo'll receive periodic emails with news regarding new features and/or new products.

There is two mailing types: announce and discussion.

The announce mailing list is receive - only and you will receive maximum one message per week.

The discussion mailing list allows subscribers to send messages to the list, and all the subscribers will receive the message. At the same time you will receive all the messages the subscribers will send. This list could become very populated and active but is the most powerful tool available to exchange informations and find help.

Available mailing lists

Scadenze news, with announces for new version availability, new features descriptions, bug report
To subscribe send an empty message to:
To delete subscription, send an empty message to:

In both cases you'll receive a confirmation email. Simply reply to the sender with an empty message.

Scadenze discussion mailing list
List not active. Subscribe to the previous list: when this list will be available an announce message will be sent!

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