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Scadenze 6.0

Stop with forgotten birthdays!
With this program you can insert events and let your computer remember you when the event occurs, many days before (so you
have the time to buy a gift...).

Attività 3.0

Keep track of your job activities, with this job time counter!

You can export results to a spreadsheet file, grouped by category and comments. Easy calculation of time spend doing anything.

The program is in beta testing. I'll publish it in the next weeks.


Actualy is in planning phase.

Did you ever think about what will happen if, one day, your family will loose you or if you will loose your expression ability?

What will happen to all those passwords, bank accounts, opened jobs and crucial activities that you and only you know how to manage?

This program will reveal these informations to your family, after an inactivity time, with special access counters that only you was able to reset.

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