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A new Scadenze version is available! PDF Print E-mail
After a few months a new Scadenze version  is available and contains some interesting new features.
Thanks to the free time got me by my wife (joke!) finally I've worked on Scadenze, inserting new features that I've got in mind for years.

Main additional features are:

  • International translation with support for unlimited languages by external file use
  • Chronologycal event list
  • Weekly todo list
  • Cut and paste between of events days
  • All events list: right click - event modify
  • All events list: right click - event delete
  • All events list: double click - event modify
  • Program protection by registering it with user code generated by the new 'register' application

Some bug fixed:

  • The program ask for a confirmation for delete commands
  • Check and bug fix for XP autostart

The program upgrade is free for already registered users. New users must register.

BlueSky software: Copyright 2005 by Romano Signorelli

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