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Scadenze 6.0

Stop with forgotten birthdays!
With this program you can insert events and let your computer remember you when the event occurs, many days before (so you
have the time to buy a gift...).

Scadenze registration
Registered version has to be activated.
If you try to use it without activation, you'll notice the program exiting after a couple of seconds, without any notice.

Activation procedure expects that you send me a special code, generated by the register program, installed by default in the Scadenze folder.
If you are a registered user I will send you a "twin" code, that allows you to activate the program and to use it on the PC where you generated the code sent to me.

To become a registered user, you must pay a symbolic fee, choosing one method from the page:


If you haven't bought the license, please click on the link and follow the instructions.

Note: each Scadenze user needs to buy a different license.

For practical purposes, for every purchased license, 2 activations are allowed (for example: one for your home PC and one for your office PC).
If you need additional activations (for example: if you format your H.D. or you buy a new PC), write me. I'll check your case.
I generally give additional activation codes without problems, but don't try to take advantage on my good trust...
Activation procedure
To activate it, run the program "Registration" from menu "Scadenze" under the Windows "Start" menu.
Select the button "Request registration by email".
Fill in the fields with your name and your email address then click to the button "Request".
An email message will be generated containing your PC and user information.
Click "Send" in your email program and wait for my reply.
When I receive your message, I'll check if your name is included in the list of the registered users who already sent me the symbolic fee.
If you haven't sent me the fee, yet, please follow the instructions at the page:


When you receive my response message, run again "Registration" program and select the button "Insert code received by email".
Paste the code from the email message and click the button "Register".
Now you're ready to use Scadenze!

If the PC where you want to use Scadenze is not connected to the Internet, follow the above procedure until the email message opens. Copy the message content in a file and bring it to a computer connected to the Internet and send the message from there.

When you receive my activation code, bring it to the destination PC and follow the procedure described above.

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