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Scadenze 6.0

Stop with forgotten birthdays!
With this program you can insert events and let your computer remember you when the event occurs, many days before (so you
have the time to buy a gift...).

Scadenze light
Scadenze is a powerful program and I've spent hundreds of work hours to make it.

For this reason, to use it, you have to pay a little fee, using a payment method choosen by the list published in the registration page.

If you don't want to pay to use Scadense, or if you want to test its functionalities, you can download the light version. With that version you can insert up to 15 events with some disabled fetaures.

Scadenze light has to be considered FREEWARE and so, freely distributable, but only if completed with all the included files. I suggest you to distribute the file scadenzelightsetup.exe, so you're sure to give your friends a complete product.

Scadenze light is freely distributable on newspaper CD. Please let me know when it will appens so I'll spread the voice by my site and mailing list.

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